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You Said It

by PeakCare Qld on 25th September 2013

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PeakCare is very pleased to release to our Member Agencies and Supporters a report detailing your feedback about PeakCare’s preliminary response to recommendations of the Carmody Inquiry. Our sincere appreciation is extended to those who, within a very tight timeframe, provided us with their well-considered feedback as well as those who participated in our recently held roundtable meetings.

Your contributions, added to PeakCare’s own research, have greatly assisted us in producing a comprehensive critique of the Carmody Inquiry recommendations. The report is being provided to Government representatives to inform both the Government’s response to the Inquiry’s recommendations and, perhaps more importantly, to identify factors that must be taken into account and addressed during the planning and implementation of those recommendations that are accepted, either totally or in part, by the Government. You are encouraged to widely distribute the report throughout your organisations and use it to facilitate further discussion and debate about much needed reforms to Queensland’s child protection system.

The release of this report should not be viewed as the conclusion of these discussions. It is far better to regard it as the commencement of the next phase in our research, exploration and debates about ways to improve the child protection system and achieve better outcomes for Queensland children, young people and families. If, after reading the report, you have further feedback you would like to offer, please enter a comment below, anonymously if you prefer, or email

Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director, PeakCare