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Wellbeing for organisations and practitioners is In the Spotlight

by PeakCare Qld on 7th July 2016

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Wellbeing Consultancy Australia was created to assist organisations, teams and individuals with the aim to increase wellbeing in the areas of management, leadership, team dynamics, personal and professional development. The organisation offers wellbeing workshops and private consultations that provide practical tools to enhance professional and personal capacity with the ultimate goal of inspiring individuals, groups and organisations to focus on wellbeing and build resilience.

This organisation delivers a multitude of services based on their holistic wellbeing model. Their wellbeing workshops aim to create individual and team wellbeing and the practical Wellbeing Action Plans are part of this process. These plans detail what individuals and teams endeavour to achieve on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to increase wellbeing and build resilience within teams and organisations.

Anna Boyce, Director of Wellbeing Consultancy Australia, is clear that the organisation’s charter is the wellbeing and performance of community services through the provision of support and services to not for profit organisations, human services, social work professionals, as well as others in the sector. Wellbeing Consultancy Australia also offers wellbeing supervision which is outlined as an opportunity to gain external support that encompasses reflective practice, direct guidance and support in work practices for professional development and educational advancement. Their wellbeing counselling services offer professional support based on the holistic approach of Person Centred Therapy and Energy Psychology. Counselling services specialise in counselling for personal growth, grief and loss, trauma and workplace counselling.

Through these support opportunities her organisation offers, Anna is very aware of the impact of ongoing change for both organisations and those who work at the front line of practice:

“I’m very passionate about workers doing the best job they can whilst maintaining their wellbeing and resilience. Their jobs are really important. I care about those who work in the sector. More and more is required of community services workers and that impacts them. As we embrace change and development, it often means more work for the on the ground workers with increasing requirements and accountabilities alongside increasing social and client issues. We’re seeing increasing demands placed on community services workers”.

Anna is also cognisant that some workers with longevity and significant experience have a great deal to offer clients but don’t necessarily have the social work framework to support their practice and to maintain their own wellbeing. “More is being demanded of them to work with more complex clients. Therefore they’re more exposed to stress and vicarious trauma. Being able to provide strategies to workers working in intense client areas for themselves and their work is key for me.” Hence why Wellbeing Consultancy Australia runs workshops for individual practitioners and organisations to create wellbeing plans. These plans extend to team environments and also focus on individual requirements. As part of the process the incorporation of: team meetings, reviews and support of self and each other are key. Personal wellbeing plans are reviewed regularly – they remain alive and active. “The workshops are focused on workers being able to find their own opportunities to be recharged and build personal resilience, and for teams to do the same.” Anna and her team also look at organisational capacity in order to assist organisations in building their structures, strategies and supports to encourage wellbeing.

“In external supervision I use the wellbeing framework as well. We discuss wellbeing and have a wellbeing plan. There is great interest for people to include aspects of wellbeing in their supervision work.” Wellbeing Consultancy Australia also work as part of the Employee Assistance Program which offers external counselling services to staff of organisations: “This is a great opportunity to support staff wellbeing. Many organisations allow a set number of sessions per year” says Anna.

Anna is aware of some of the major changes occurring in the sector, which has included organisations refocusing and restructuring. Also noted are changes in funding and regular change of governments that impact social services immensely: “These transformational types of changes are the biggest challenges for practitioners in the social services and pose the greatest impact to their wellbeing”.

To all in the child protection and associated sectors it is abundantly clear that changes post the Carmody Report – Taking Responsibility: A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection (June, 2013) impact clients, staff and organisations. Anna notes that often and understandably the bigger the organisation the slower the reforms come to fruition: “Some are noting gains from the changes and other organisations involved in a large change curve are experiencing fall out and pressure from the changes. I’m seeing people trying to adapt and work with both the ‘old’ and ‘new’ ways until the change is integrated. Transformational pressure is causing wellbeing issues.”

Overall, Anna is really positive about the child protection changes she’s noted: “Generally I think people I’ve connected with in community services are very passionate about the child protection reforms and recommendations. They’re attending training and passionate about child protection. I see significant positivity and most are embracing the changes, feeling they needed to happen.”

Anna also notes mental health as growth area in terms of need. The mental health and transcultural arena is also a growth phenomenon both globally and in Australia. “Overall, I have a passion for better supports for children and better ways of practicing. I’ve always been involved in community services work and I’m very passionate about working with people who experience vulnerability in their life, to empower them to heal, grow and move forward. To be able to assist practitioners in having wellbeing and knowing their own needs too is so significant. That’s what drives me. Another area of work I am involved with is as an ambassador for The Carer’s Foundation. I’m providing wellbeing strategies for carers to ensure that when they have a break they are able to return to their significant roles with some coping strategies, renewed energy and focus.”

“My focus is caring for the carers, both professional and voluntary, to stay as well as they can so they can do the good jobs they do.”

For further information please visit Wellbeing Consultancy Australia's website.

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