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The rock and hard place

by PeakCare Qld on 12th April 2017

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This week the State Government entered polarising space between the proverbial rock and hard place. Cabinet must have known that a decision to withhold public release of the Child Death Review Panel’s Report into the death of Mason Lee would draw ire and criticisms from many who would perceive it as a reneging on the Premier’s promise concerning its release. However, the advice provided by the Director of Public Prosecutions Michael Byrne to Cabinet which indicated that public release of the report at this time could prejudice juries at the trials of those charged with offences in relation to Mason’s death and potentially establish grounds for a mistrial, could not be ignored. The Government was right to heed this advice and defer its release of the report.

It is hoped, and it appears, that the decision was not made lightly or expeditiously as a means of avoiding public accountability and transparency, but rather was a decision made with due process in mind in achieving fair trials and justice for Mason.

Lindsay Wegener
Executive Director, PeakCare

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