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Talking Families

by PeakCare Qld on 6th November 2014

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Since last Sunday night, radios and television screens have been sending out the messages of Talking Families, the Talking Families website was launched and posters have been appearing in shopping centres and other venues.

PeakCare is pleased to have played our part along with many other stakeholders, parents in particular, in providing advice and participating in the research used to inform and assist the development of this campaign by the Queensland Family and Child Commission. PeakCare is delighted with the outcomes of this ‘behind the scenes’ work. Fully recognising that this is the first phase of a much broader and longer term public education strategy, PeakCare’s view is that an excellent starting point and foundation has been created by the Commission and we look forward to the phases that will follow.

In the words of Commissioner Armitage, this phase of the campaign establishes “great potential for the change leaders to promote a new conversation in the care and protection story in Queensland”. As well as constituting a sound observation, Commissioner Armitage’s words pose a challenge to all PeakCare members. Will you take up your role as change leaders, build on the messages contained within the Talking Families campaign and play your part in promoting this new conversation?

Let us know your thoughts about the Talking Families campaign and how you would like to see this phase of the public education strategy built upon and expanded in the future. Enter your comments here.