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Talk To Me ....

by PeakCare on 11th May 2011

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What’s the point of being alive,” she said, “if you’re not going to communicate?
—Kurt Vonnegut

Well, here I am at PeakCare – the new Executive Director who has a thousand ideas running around in my head with most of those ideas containing the thought, “We must do something about this or something about that!”

As someone who is writing his very first blog post, my thoughts have also been about, “What do I write about in my first blog post that people will want to read?” There is, after all, an onerous responsibility when writing a blog post for PeakCare – especially when you are the new Executive Director and you are wishing to seem at least somewhat sensible!

“So what do I write about?” has been a very difficult question with which I have been wrestling for several days. “Do I write about this or do I write about that?” As I said, there have been a thousand ideas running around in my head so to select even one has been a very difficult choice to make!

In the midst of these thoughts, it suddenly dawned on me that I was missing the whole point of this new-fangled “blogging business”. This incredible tool isn’t there for me to simply tell you my ideas – nor is it about you passively sitting there reading my ideas.

This wondrous invention is there so that we can have a conversation! Not only can I tell you about my ideas but you can also tell me about yours. And not only that – we can actually both engage in a discussion about our ideas which other people can join in on as well!

So that’s what I decided to write about in my very first blog post as the new Executive Director. This post is about me wanting to hear from you – and everyone else that reads this blog – about your ideas and the things you would like us to have a conversation about.

So talk to me about the ideas that you have had running around in your head at different times. Talk to me about the occasions where you have thought, “PeakCare should do something about this or something about that!” Let’s have a conversation about those things and invite others to join in also.

As in all conversations, there is a potential for some of the participants to either agree or disagree, but that’s okay! In this field of working with children, young people and families, we all need the opportunity to share and discuss our ideas in an environment that provides permission for debate.

So talk to me! Start typing now and let’s start out conversation!

Lindsay Wegener- Executive Director – Peak Care