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Seed Skills is In the Spotlight

by PeakCare Qld on 25th July 2016

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Seed Skills offer specialised training for residential care and family support services. Their training programs for community services have been developed by industry experts to ensure that all current industry-specific qualifications certification requirements are met. Training programs are delivered through a blend of class-based, workplace and webinar modular presentations to ensure that participants are able to access training in the format most suitable for them.

Furthermore, Seed Skills recognise prior knowledge and on the job training and learning which can be coupled with existing qualifications to enhance the opportunity of workers to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning to gain credit towards some of the units in the courses offered. Industry experienced trainers aim to make training relevant, real and contextualised so that participants receive the best possible information to start their career or enhance their credentials within the community services sector.

Seed Skills offer certificate programs in community services and associated qualifications such as youth work and child, youth and family intervention. They also provide leadership and management training for supervisors and managers to enhance the support processes for those who experience promotion and require new learnings along their career pathways.

Seed Skills’ vision is to enrich the lives of workers, supervisors and managers of the community services sector by helping them achieve their full potential through sustainable skills development.

Doug Ivins is the General Manager of Seed Skills. His passion is derived from the commitment he sees from students in their pursuit to provide the highest possible quality care for the children, young people and families with whom they work to provide support and care. “Seed Skills is a niche Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) specialising in the delivery of training for staff working in the family Intervention and/or residential care service sector. The sincere commitment our students demonstrate to either improving their existing skills or learning new ones in order to best support their fellow citizens is truly inspiring.”

As both the General Manager of an RTO delivering Nationally Accredited Qualifications and a proponent of lifelong learning, Doug is keenly aware of the strong focus that the Carmody Report: Taking Responsibility: A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection (June, 2013) offered with regard to its recommendations about the pursuit of excellence through training: “As someone involved in the provision of training services to the sector, I must declare my bias. However I firmly believe that it is only through the commitment to continuous improvement that we will be able to not only provide high quality care to those currently in receipt of care but to those who will require our assistance in the future.”

Doug recently presented an article on the ‘Pursuit of Best Practice through the Implementation of a Learning Culture’ at the Western Australia Child Protection Conference. Whilst preparing for this conference he notes that the key points that particularly struck him were the challenges ahead for the Child Protection sector, including:

  • The development and implementation of mandatory, minimum qualifications for those employed in our sector
  • The development and implementation of a true strengths based practice framework across all service providers, and
  • The continuous need to strive to work alongside communities to provide improved services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people and families

Doug is also clear that he was extremely encouraged by the Carmody recommendations that focused on collaboration between government, non-government organisations and education service providers which included both vocational education and training and higher education providers to ensure the correct mix of opportunities are offered to children, young people, families and communities who require educational support and assistance.

The observations of Doug and his team post the initial implementation of the Carmody recommendations have been that whilst there is still some uncertainty with regard to the final adoption and interpretation of the Carmody Report recommendations and the impact they will have both on existing staff and future employees, there is an overwhelming sense of positivity and excitement amongst the organisations and individual students that they interact with. “The majority of people that I have spoken with, both at an organisational level and as individual service and care providers, recognise that there is still some way to go before there is clarity as what recommendations from the Carmody Report are adopted and how they will be adapted and implemented. However they are also excited about the positive outcomes these changes will bring.”

Doug outlined a recent example through an organisation that they had been working with to embed a learning culture within their organisation. This organisation successfully underwent a re-licensing audit. He noted that the positive comments from the auditors with regard to both the quality of care provided and the high skill and knowledge level of the staff exemplify what can be achieved when striving for best practice through learning.

He further noted: “the second observation that I have is the ground swell of individuals contacting Seed Skills seeking assistance to increase their skill level, either from a specific skill set requirement or to update their current qualifications. This proactive approach by care providers to continually invest in their own knowledge and skills so that they can continue to provide the best possible care is not only exciting but also humbling to witness.”

Seed Skill’s General Manager is clear about the challenges to come in child protection and family support: “Whilst there will continue to be challenges for the broader child protection sector which includes family support and intervention through to residential care providers, not the least of which is how we reverse the increasing numbers of children and young people in state care, there is a sense of purpose and excitement amongst the current work we are all undertaking. I believe this is largely due to the great work that PeakCare Queensland are doing in both listening to, advocating on behalf of and informing its members. I know I am not alone when I say that I have appreciated both the support and dedication PeakCare Queensland extends to its members and supporters.”

Seed Skills is a long term registered supporter of PeakCare Queensland. If you are interested in becoming a PeakCare supporter please email Gary Roberts or visit our membership page on our website.

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