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Pay Equity Chapter Two

by PeakCare on 27th September 2011

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Last week saw some tumultuous activity take place in relation to pay equity that culminated on Thursday with the repealing of the original Regulation of 4th August 2011.
This should not be viewed as the end of the pay equity story however. It is far better to regard last week’s events as the closing of one chapter and the commencement of another.

Throughout the week, PeakCare sought to ensure that our Member Agencies were provided a forum to express their differing viewpoints about the Regulation and their concerns in relation to its implementation. We also sought to make sure that our Member Agencies were given prompt and accurate advice of the events that transpired during the week.

Thanks are extended to the numerous organisations and individuals who e-mailed or phoned to tell us their viewpoints and “real stories about paying for pay equity”. My sincere appreciation is also extended to Ms Vanessa Walker who, at very short notice, agreed to work temporarily at PeakCare collecting and collating your stories and comments.

PeakCare Queensland remains strongly committed to the achievement of pay equity and looks forward to its properly planned and funded implementation. In particular, PeakCare remains committed to the development of a sector that is properly resourced and staffed with a capacity to deliver high quality child protection and related services. The right to receive high quality services is regarded as an unquestionable entitlement held by Queensland children, young people and families.

As chapter one of the pay equity story has now ended and chapter two commences, your viewpoints about its implementation remain as important as ever. In addition to making use of this post to enter comments about your opinions and concerns, you are encouraged to also avail yourself of the opportunities being provided to:

attend the regional industrial workshops being conducted by QCOSS and NDS, and complete the surveys measuring the implications of a Pay Equity Regulation.
Farewell chapter one and welcome chapter two.

Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director, PeakCare Queensland