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Invitation to nominate Reform Network members

by PeakCare Qld on 17th July 2014

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Dear Member Agencies,

You are invited to nominate one or more representatives to form a network with whom PeakCare can regularly liaise about the planning and implementation of reforms associated with the State Government’s response to recommendations of the Carmody Child Protection Commission of Inquiry.

PeakCare is keen to ensure that the governance arrangements that are being put in place to guide the reform process allow for the establishment of effective conduits between the:

  • major ‘central’ forums (such as the Child Protection Reform Leaders Group, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service Reform Project Committee, Family and Child Reform Stakeholder Advisory Group and the various sub-groups and project teams that may be formed from time to time under the umbrella of each of these forums)
  • Regional Child and Family Partnership Groups, and
  • Local Alliances.

A PeakCare video entitled The Road to Reform provides an overview of the governance arrangements and the roles to be performed by these various forums and groups.

PeakCare recognises that some variations are emerging between regions in the ways in which they are organising their regional and local forums including the number of forums, their membership and the respective roles and responsibilities of the forums based on factors such as geography and demographics, location of non-government and government service infrastructure and local preferences about the ways in which the governance and planning of the reforms will ‘work best’ when taking these factors into account.

Notwithstanding some understandable level of variation to the regional governance arrangements, for reasons explained in one of my recent blog posts, PeakCare is convinced that without clear understandings being formed about the respective roles and responsibilities of the ‘central’, ‘regional’ and ‘local’ forums, the program of reforms will not proceed smoothly or well. Such an ambitious program of reform will also require highly effective communication channels and ‘points of contact’ to be clearly defined in order to ensure a purposeful exchange of information and the maintenance of meaningful ‘feedback loops’. Without these clearly articulated conduits, there is the risk of unnecessary duplication or waste of effort and the potential for working at ‘cross-purposes’.

During this period of the governance arrangements being refined and ‘settling into place’, PeakCare is keen to establish a ‘Reforms Network’ with nominated representatives from our member agencies. This network will be used for the purposes of disseminating, collecting and exchanging information and advice. In particular, PeakCare wishes to make use of this network to gather opinions, collect feedback and facilitate constructive discussion and debate about matters relevant to the program of reforms. Representatives of our member agencies may make use of the network to refer certain matters to PeakCare for follow-up with some of the ‘central’ forums. PeakCare may similarly make use of the network to bring certain matters to the attention of the network members so that they can be raised and dealt with by the ‘regional’ and/or ‘local’ forums.

Member agencies may select one or more representatives to join the Reforms Network. In identifying the most appropriate persons to join the network, member agencies are invited to consider the role these persons will be performing and take account of the attributes they will need to possess in order to perform this role well. Those you select to join the network will be persons upon whom PeakCare will be relying to disseminate information within their organisations and local networks and, where required, facilitate the collection of information and advice. This means that they will need to be people who hold sufficient seniority within their organisation to bring matters to the attention of the appropriate persons holding executive, managerial, policy-making and/or practitioner roles as well as being persons who are well-connected with interagency networks at either a regional or local level. They should be people who are able to authoritatively express opinions with the approval of their organisation or, at the least, know the limitations of their authority with an ability to obtain the necessary approvals to state their organisation’s opinion if and when required. They should be people who are, or have the ability to become, well-versed in the reform agendas, who can effectively and collaboratively serve as a ‘sounding board’ for PeakCare and who, in performing this role, are strongly committed and able to represent sector-wide interests rather than the interests of their own organisation only. Preferably, the network should include persons who are already, or are about to be, active participants in a Regional Child and Family Partnership Group and/or a Local Alliance.

Once your organisation has selected one or more persons who fit the above criteria, these persons are invited to send an email to indicating that they have been nominated to join the Reforms Network. This email should contain the person’s name, position title, name of their organisation and location of their work unit, contact phone number and email address. Upon this being received, the nominated person will be placed in an email circulation group and invited to join a Yammer network. It would be appreciated if nominations could be received as soon as practicable and by no later than 4th August.


Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director

PeakCare Queensland