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Industry Body Proceeding

by PeakCare Qld on 8th August 2013

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In a move likely to be one of the most significant in many years in changing the community services landscape within Queensland, a decision has been made to proceed with the establishment of a Community Services Industry Body (CSIB). This decision follows a consultation exercise and release of a consultation reportand executive summaryby the CSIB project team.

Over recent months, PeakCare has brought you news about the proposal for a CSIB and encouraged our eNews readers to participate in the consultation exercise. PeakCare has not expressed a view about the need for, viability or wisdom of establishing an industry body, preferring to see that as an issue that our member agencies must determine for themselves. PeakCare has however stated that in the event that a CSIB were to become established, we would want to make sure that the respective roles and responsibilities of peak bodies and the CSIB are clearly defined in ways that are mutually beneficial, complementary and advantageous to our member agencies, their interests and the strategic directions of our organisation in promoting and achieving our vision, namely Safe and healthy children, young people, families and communities who enjoy equitable access to life opportunities.

The consultation report notes that “Peak bodies, in particular, are cautious about how an industry body will work with them to strengthen the Industry, but (concludes that) as respondents overwhelmingly supported the need for a body independent of government funding, it is difficult to see an alternative approach to the CSIB” (p.12). Some specific concerns raised during the consultation exercise, as noted within the report (p.13), included:

“A separate Industry Body is a threat to the viability of peak organisations as government will use the Industry Body as a single point of contact”, and

“There is a lack of clarity around the role of peak bodies and the Industry Body”.

It is noteworthy that Recommendation 6.6 of the Taking Responsibility: A roadmap for Queensland child protection report produced by the recently completed Child Protection Commission of Inquiry recommends that: “the Family and Child Council (proposed in Recommendation 12.3) lead the development of a capacity-building and governance strategy for non-government agencies, especially those with limited resources, that will:

improve relationships between government and non-government agencies

facilitate the establishment of a community services industry body, which will champion the non-government service sector in its delivery of high-quality community services”.

With the decision made by the founding members of the CSIB to proceed with its establishment, PeakCare’s member agencies are encouraged to study the consultation report (LINK) including, in particular, the recommendations contained within this report, and forward their feedback to Ms Louise Hughes, CSIB Project Officer (email; phone (07) 3234 1701; Fax (07) 3234 0474).

With the decision having been made to proceed with the CSIB, PeakCare is also interested in receiving your feedback and views specifically in relation to the relationship to be negotiated between the CSIB and peak bodies. You may either enter a comment to this blog post, anonymously if you prefer, or email your comments to

Lindsay Wegener, Executive Director