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In the vault

by PeakCare Qld on 9th March 2017

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The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) is committed to preventing the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs in Australia with their focus being on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. ADF is working towards new and effective approaches to drug and alcohol issues in Australia, particularly in light of the research and knowledge that prohibition doesn’t alleviate harm. As such, ADF supports the principle of decriminalisation of the personal use of illicit drugs with a focus on treating the usage as a health issue. Greater access to treatment and harm minimisation measures are also required.

ADF supports primary prevention as the best way to improve rates of harm from alcohol and other drugs. They endorse growing funding for primary prevention, focusing on education for parents in early childhood, with ongoing support for parents, particularly those at risk. ADF is looking to partner with others to improve the protective factors or social determinants that put families at risk generation after generation.

Established in 1959 to support war veterans suffering from alcohol dependence as a release from the trauma of war, ADF acknowledges that trauma continues to be a major factor for individuals and communities who find themselves facing the challenge of alcohol and other drug misuse. To help overcome this, they are increasing their focus on building safe, healthy, and resilient communities.

ADF is evidence-based and independent. Their expert knowledge and research reaches millions of Australians in their communities through sporting clubs and workplaces, by supporting and informing drug and alcohol prevention programs, and through the provision of educational information.

ADF’s information on ice is both comprehensive and succinct. It offers an excellent overview of the key information and highlights issues such as immediate and long term effects, withdrawal, legal aspects and statistics.

To access the webpage click here.

If you have any research, case studies, personal or professional experiences you’d like to contribute to the ice bank, please email Lorraine Dupree.

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