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Foster Carers Speak Out About Transition From Care

by PeakCare on 30th November 2011

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Very pleasingly, Transition From Care Month 2011 was met with considerable media attention. Through several radio interviews and newspaper articles, public attention was drawn to the issues faced by around 400 Queensland young people who leave care each year.

Even more pleasingly, foster carers elected to add their voice to our media campaign. In response to a column entitled “Care can’t end when kids hit 18” that was recently published in the Courier Mail, former foster carers responded by sending letters to the editor: “Foster kids need support as adults” and “Kids set up to fail”.

My sincere thanks and appreciation are extended to the authors of these letters – Lenore Blaine and Shae Bell. Your letters presented the relevant arguments in an incredibly clear and compelling manner.

My best wishes are also extended to the foster carer who rang me seeking advice about her own situation concerning a young woman in her care. I hope that this situation is resolved satisfactorily for both of you.

Special mention must also be made of an email I received in response to the Courier Mail column that raised issues about the very special needs of teenage refugees as they transition to independence and adulthood. The issues faced by these young people and the support that they require are certainly worthy of more focussed attention.

Transition from Care Month is ending, but the key issues of concern in relation to the adequacy of support being provided to young people as they transition from care remain. It’s not too late for you to add your voice to those of Lenore Blain and Shae Bell and play your part in advocating for these young people.

Join them in sending letters to the editor of the Courier Mail, enter comments to this post and make sure that you have entered your responses into the Transition From Care Survey.

Click here to access the survey.

Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director, PeakCare Queensland


Thank you to Rod and Lynette Chataway for their letter to the editor published in the Courier Mail: “No cut-off age to parental input”.

Also thank you to Jacqui Reed from CREATE for her support of this important issue.