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DONT READ THIS if you have your life sorted!!!

by PeakCare Qld on 12th November 2014

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My name is Dillon and I am a young consultant with Create. I was in care for 10 years and was lucky to turn out the way I am. Though I have had a good experience, there have still been many times when I have fallen and needed help, whether it be getting a car and license or a job and a house. That is why I am privileged to talk about a brand new resource to help young people transition to independence.

Over the past few months the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Child Safety in collaboration with CREATE Young Consultants, Telstra and KLYP have all worked together to make this final production of a FREE new app called Sortli. It’s designed for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

What is Sortli you ask? Sortli (is made up of the words ‘sort out your life’) and is useful for young people transitioning to independence to help young people sort out their life.

So what is in the app you may be asking? There are seven main topics of the app; Living skills, A Place to Live, Health, About Me, Relationships, Education and Employment, Money. Within each section of the app you will find many helpful and useful hints and you’ll probably find yourself having a little bit of fun.

Just imagine you’re fifteen and eleven months old. In one month you can get your license! How would you feel? A mix of nerves and excitement? But you have to wonder how do you get your L’s? Well have no fear, as Sortli is here. There are step by step instructions for reaching your goals and handy links for where to find more information.

Sounds great doesn’t it? YES, the answer is obviously YES. Okay, but I hear you ask, ‘how do u make it personal and not just some book?’ Well that’s funny because I was just about to mention that Sortli also has your own profile that’s made up of information about you. It also won’t forget your birthday!

To download you need just 10mb of download and Sortli can be downloaded from Apple, Android and Windows stores.

If you have finished reading this line and still haven’t downloaded the app.... WHY NOT, HURRY UP AND PULL OUT YOUR PHONE AND START DOWNLOADING!!!

Good, now enjoy a life with your friend and companion Sortli.

This app is also a good resource for workers to have on their phones to talk through the topic of transitioning with young people.