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Do you know about this?

by PeakCare on 12th October 2011

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Do you know who Pemulwuy and Tedbury were?

Do you know when the first and only treaty was negotiated between British colonists and Aboriginal people and what became of this treaty?

Do you know how many people were killed at Slaughterhouse Creek in 1838? Or during the Myall Creek Massacre in that same year? Or at the Cullin-la-Ringo Station near Emerald in 1861?

Do you know when a select committee reported to the British House of Commons that genocide was happening in the colonies?

Do you know when the Queensland laws that appointed the Director of Native Affairs the guardian of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children within this State, were repealed?

Do you know who delivered the “Redfern Speech”?

Do you know when the Torres Strait Islander flag was designed?

Do you know what terra nullus means and when the doctrine of terra nullus was rejected by the High Court of Australia?

Do you know when the Bringing Them Home Report was tabled in Federal Parliament?

Answers to all of these questions are important in gaining at least some level of awareness of the history and legacy of Government policies in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people and families. Without this awareness, it is difficult to comprehend how issues concerning the worsening over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children involved with the child protection system can possibly be addressed.

If you do not know the answers to these questions, find them in this Paper. You may be surprised and alarmed about other historical facts you discover.

Lindsay Wegener

Executive Director – PeakCare