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Amovita is In the Spotlight

by PeakCare Qld on 15th June 2016

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Amovita has as its mantra – inspiring business and people excellence. They have a culture of cohesion and creativity. Their consultants and support staff are problem solvers who avoid risk averse processing and continuously look for new and improved ways of working with clients and the community services sector. They describe their ‘approach’ as refreshingly different in that they understand the uniqueness of each organisation and as such the requirement to ensure a tailored response. They view underlying success as symptomatic of the psychology and positive mindset of its team at every level of operations.

Amovita’s Executive Director Tracey Harris says: “I feel lucky that we get to work with a lot of amazing organisations and professionals. Our passion and commitment comes from seeing organisations be at their best and this in turn supports the sector and clients that we support. We are here to support the sector in what they’re doing”.

In offering that support, Amovita has a range of services and programs. The Business Consulting arm of the company encourages organisations to think about what sets them apart from others whilst also focusing on high achievement and the best standards. They do this in part through the provision of coaching and consultancy services for Managers and Executives. People management is another focal area for Amovita. Through the knowledge that the wellbeing of a workforce is crucial to the success of an organisation, Amovita offers a range of human resource services to ensure a parallel process between the success of the organisation with the health and wellbeing of staff.

“We have an amazing team who are committed to providing a range of programs and services to the sector. We provide services 24/7 to many organisations and our aim is to tailor a service or program that meets their needs. At Amovita, we have a wealth of experience in the areas of executive consulting and coaching, mediation, workplace investigations, training, human resource management, strategic communications, marketing and media. We enjoy working with and providing innovative workplace solutions to our clients in Australia and internationally” says Tracey.

Amovita also has an Inspire Division aimed at professional development and training that is mutually beneficial to both organisations and staff. Solid performance in roles together with professional and personal development are at the heart of the intended outcomes of this division. Amovita has a range of training programs and courses to ensure workers can excel in their roles through continued development. Training programs are customised for many of the organisations and businesses they provide services to. Further to these offerings, Amovita boasts a foundation that exists to support the growth of professionals and business leaders. This occurs through the provision of an annual scholarship to an emerging leader or student to pursue either further study or a business idea.

Amovita is well aware of changes occurring in the child protection and family support sector at present, brought about in the main by the recommendations of the Carmody Report: Taking Responsibility: A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection (June, 2013). As a result there has been “a transfer of the delivery of services from government to the community services sector. Workplaces have looked at what they need from us with the changes”. Tracey notes that this has offered Amovita an opportunity to be creative and innovative in what they provide to organisations.

“One of the challenges for any organisation like Amovita is that we need to stay abreast of best practice across a whole range of areas in the sector. That also gives us the opportunity to be highly creative with organisations in the responses and services we’re providing. All of our consultants engage in ongoing professional development to ensure they remain the best in their field. We also participate in ongoing research and present at Australian and International conferences.”

Amovita is a long term registered supporter of PeakCare Queensland. If you are interested in becoming a PeakCare supporter please visit our membership page on our website.

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