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A Circle of Wellbeing and Giving is In the Spotlight

by PeakCare Qld on 8th October 2015

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Most services are intent on providing quality services to clients. Some provide holistic wellbeing. Every now and then a unique service that provides innovation to enhance client wellbeing whilst also operating a circle of giving back comes to the fore. Joining Hands is such an organisation. The quality services they provide to clients through this social enterprise translates to services to further clients for whom such holistic wellbeing opportunities may otherwise be unattainable.

Joining Hands was founded in 2012 by Kylie Lowe, Jill McKay and Mark Teis. The founding premise for Joining Hands was that relaxation and stress reduction therapies and techniques are significant contributors to health and wellbeing. They hold the belief that relaxed and healthy people are more connected, productive and well.

The aim of the service is to provide holistic health and wellbeing opportunities for all, in particular those marginalised or homeless, to heal and recover. In doing so, viewing the whole person and responding to individual needs and requirements that arise is paramount. The founders were experts in services to children and young people. They focused on the many factors they’d observed at play when working with young people who’d experienced trauma and isolation throughout life. They took these learnings and applied them. They now offer a wide range of services including: massage, yoga, acupuncture, coaching and various therapies.

During their short time in operation they’ve significantly expanded their social enterprise. Always focused on client needs they now aim to connect all involved in Joining Hands through inspiring change via community Give Back programs whereby those who are able offer services to those who aren’t yet in a position to contribute financially.

Joining Hand’s Director, Kylie Lowe states: “In the health and wellness industry, we are leading a movement of Give Back for social change, transforming the lives of homeless and vulnerable young people. When thousands of us join together to give, it adds up and creates great change in our world.”

Australia’s homelessness issue is a significant one with over 100,000 homeless people in our country. Kylie notes that: “Every night in Australia over 44,000 young people are homeless. These young people have often experienced trauma and abuse and are more likely to suffer from poor physical and mental health as a result.” She speaks of originally working with young people in health and wellbeing clinics and noted that the young people she worked with shared that such interactions were the first time they had been touched in a healthy non-violent way. To ensure young people continue to receive the support they need, for each service provided to a client, Joining Hands gives back to a marginalised young person via a free service aimed to promote relaxation, physical health or emotional well-being; or all of the aforementioned.

Another example of Give Back embodied by Joining Hands is that all money raised this month will go towards a retreat for women surviving domestic and family violence. This retreat will afford them access to healing and relaxation services. This Safe Hands initiative is a collaboration between Joining Hands and Life 2 Project.

Workplace wellness is also a particular favourite of Joining Hands. The importance of supporting staff wellbeing to ensure that they are at their optimal capacity to support clients is widely recognised. These services offer excellent opportunities for staff working in stressful and complex environments such as child protection and family support.

As part of the wellness project a one day Wellbeing Retreat is being held on November 1st at the Judith Wright Arts Centre in Brisbane. This comprehensive program offers a day of relaxation and treatment for body and mind.

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